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Terms and Conditions

  1. It is understood that Auto Haul is a property broker. MC 252018 B
  2. By owner’s signature or owner’s agent’s signature (hereinafter referred to as “owner/shipper”), Auto Haul and the motor carrier(s) transporting the vehicle and their agents and employees jointly and separately are authorized to operate and transport the vehicles(s) from point of origin to the final specified destination. This authorization includes permission to drive the vehicle(s) at origin between the point(s) of pick up and the point(s) of loading and also at destination between the point(s) of unloading and the point(s) of delivery. Auto Haul may trans-ship the vehicle to another terminal/office to expedite delivery.
  3. Owner/shipper agrees to allow Auto Haul to act as his/her agent in dealing with motor carriers, and to exercise its efforts on owner/shipper’s behalf in placing the order with a transport company. Auto Haul agrees to make every effort possible to provide the most expedient shipment of vehicle(s) insofar as it will not compromise its standards of safety or quality. The owner/shipper understands that ample notice of intent to ship is a primary contingency factor. Shipments may be delayed due to adverse weather or road conditions, mechanical problems, illness, and supply and demand for trucks and drivers, etc. It is understood that the transport company will route vehicles from origin to destination by a route within their discretion and does not agree to any specified routing.
  4. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed as making it binding that Auto Haul pick up and /or deliver vehicles to or from locations where it is impracticable to operate equipment on account of local or Federal laws and/or conditions of highways, streets or other passageways; where there is inadequate loading and unloading facilities; or because of weather, acts of God, or commotion, or military actions.
  5. Auto Haul does not agree to transport the vehicle on any particular truck nor in time for any particular market or event and will not be responsible for loss or damage occasioned by delay. We will try to provide you with estimated pick up and arrival dates of your vehicle(s) and keep you informed of any delays. We endeavor to use reputable trucking companies with proper authority and insurance and a record of good performance. However there are absolutely no guarantees made, expressed or implied, regarding delivery dates and times or performance of the trucking company. Auto Haul will not be held responsible for any non-use vehicle charges including, but not limited to, car rental fees, long distance phone calls, hotel bills, etc.
  6. This order, and any shipment hereunder, is subject to all the terms, conditions, and deductibles of the published tariffs and the Uniform Straight Bill of Lading of the carrier(s) transporting the vehicle, which are included herein by reference and made a part hereof. If you wish copies, please request them from the driver at the time he picks up your vehicle.
  7. Provisions in this agreement supersede all written and/or oral agreements or understandings between Auto Haul and the owner/shipper and may not be changed except in writing by an officer of Auto Haul. Owner/shipper designates person(s) listed at pickup point or final destination as appointed agents for the purpose of releasing or accepting owner’s vehicle(s), approving charges, and releasing Carrier from any and all claims upon acceptance of delivery; and subjects them to the same regulations as owner/shipper. Owner/shipper is responsible for the actions of his designated persons.
  8. No items are to be in the vehicle at the time of shipment. The following items, especially, are not to be in the vehicle at the time of shipment: Explosives, guns, ammunition, inflammable products, narcotics, negotiable and legal papers, alcoholic beverages, jewelry, furs, money, and other articles of unusual value, live pets, live plants, or contraband. Owner/shipper agrees that Auto Haul or the motor carrier(s) may confiscate and /or dispose of items in the vehicle with no remuneration. Auto Haul and the motor carrier(s) will not be held responsible for the delivery of personal property. If you put items in the vehicle, you do so at your own risk and without the consent or knowledge of Auto Haul.
  9. Cancellation of an order must be emailed to or faxed to Auto Haul. A cancellation fee of $200.00 will be charged (or retained) UNLESS Auto Haul is notified of your cancellation at least three (3) business days prior to the first day of scheduled pickup. Also, if fourteen (14) days have passed since the first day of scheduled pickup, and your vehicle(s) has not been picked up, then you may cancel the order and upon request, Auto Haul will refund in full any money you have paid. Refunds will be processed within 7 days. Auto Haul reserves the right to cancel your order at any time prior to pickup and in such case, will immediately refund in full any money you may have paid.
  10. It is standard practice to charge additional amounts for both inoperable vehicles and vehicles which are considered oversized by the auto transportation industry. The vehicle must be able to drive on and off the carrier under its own power, start under it’s own power, steer, and have good brakes and parking gear at the time of pick up and while in the custody of Auto Haul and the Carrier(s). Otherwise it is considered to be an inoperable vehicle. Vans, station wagons, and trucks are considered to be oversized vehicles as are many of the larger, heavier old classics. Racks, extensions, oversized tires, caps and camper shells can also cause a vehicle to be classified oversized. Please verify the accuracy of the information you have provided about your vehicle(s). If we are not given correct information about the vehicle, and it becomes apparent that it is an oversized vehicle, additional fees will be assessed and due upon delivery. If a vehicle is inoperable or becomes so while in the possession of Auto Haul and/or the Carrier(s), additional fees will be assessed and due upon delivery that may include third party charges for tow truck services. Drivers and employees will not push the vehicle(s).
  11. Auto Haul and/or Carrier will attempt to give at least 24 hours notice of delivery. It is very important that Auto Haul and the Carrier are given all contact phone numbers accurately. The driver will not drive about trying to locate you if you can not be contacted by phone. It is also your responsibility to know where you are for delivery and how to get there. If for any reason beyond Auto Haul’s and/or the Carrier’s control, the owner or his appointed agent can not be contacted, is unavailable, fails to have COD funds, or refuses delivery when the truck attempts delivery; the trucker at his option may unload the vehicle at a storage facility of his choice and delivery will be considered to be complete at this point. The owner/shipper is liable for all storage fees. Transportation fees must be received by Auto Haul’s office before the location of the vehicle is revealed. Upon receipt of transportation fees and payment of storage fees to the storage facility, the vehicle will be released. Any re-delivery arrangements and charges are the responsibility of the owner/shipper. If for any reason beyond Auto Haul’s control, the owner or his appointed agent fails to claim the vehicle within 15 days, Auto Haul will initiate legal action.
  12. All COD payment must be made by Bank Cashier’s Check or Money Order, Certified Check, or Cash. Prepayment may be made by accepted credit cards, Bank Cashier’s Check or Money Order, or Certified Check. No other form of payment will be accepted, and attempting to pay by personal check will only delay delivery, and may result in additional storage charges and/or delivery fees. All fees must be paid in advance on vehicles over ten years old, inoperable, or delivering to a port.
  13. Owner/shipper warrants that he/she will pay all sums due Auto Haul without offset of any claimed damage or loss, and that he/she will not seek to charge back a credit card or stop payment on a check as a result of any dispute, but will, in the event of any dispute, pursue any remedies in the courts. Owner/shipper understands that it is a violation of law and the rules and regulations of interstate commerce for owner/shipper to fail to pay all charges prior to settlement.
  14. Owner must have valid and current insurance coverage on vehicle(s). Auto Haul will not knowingly take possession of or arrange to drive/transport any uninsured vehicles. Insurance must be in effect at time of and through duration of shipment. Additionally, owner/shipper agrees to indemnify and defend Auto Haul for any claims against Auto Haul which would have been covered by insurance carried by owner/shipper. Please do not give us an order if you are not fully insured.
  15. Auto Haul is a broker. Auto Haul is not a pick up and delivery service, a terminal, or a transport company. The businesses used to provide these services are responsible for the liabilities associated with their services. All claims must be taken up with the specific trucking company used. Auto Haul has no liability for damages. Auto Haul shall not be responsible for damage or vandalism to the vehicles(s), either before being tendered to the carrier for transportation (such as while the vehicle is being driven for pick up/delivery purposes), while in storage awaiting shipment, while in transit, or while in storage after drop off but prior to owner taking possession. Auto Haul shall have, and owner hereby authorizes the use of, and full benefit of, any insurance that is in effect on the vehicles(s) and/or property. Auto Haul or its principals, agents, officers, or employees, shall not be liable directly or in subrogation or by assignment to any insurers for payments made, including deductibles.
  16. Any claims, including, but not limited to claims for damage, must be taken up directly with the specific motor carrier used, and if there is any damage, the liability for same lies solely with such motor carrier. Auto Haul will furnish owner with name, address, and phone number of the particular motor carrier used for transport and will assist owner by providing any other necessary information, including any insurance information we may have on file.
  17. If there is any problem regarding a trucking delivery, the regulations of interstate commerce require that all outstanding freight charges must be paid without deduction. The damage must be properly noted in writing while the driver is there. Obtain the necessary information from the driver on the procedures for submitting a claim. If necessary, please contact Auto Haul for additional information. Signing the Bill of Lading at destination, without notation of damage, shall be evidence of satisfactory delivery of the vehicle. Please carefully examine your car for damage no matter what time the car is delivered or the weather conditions. Obtain a receipt of delivery documents/ Bill of Lading from driver.
  18. In addition to noting claims in writing at the time of delivery, most carriers require that Claims be submitted in writing within a very limited number of days (often 10 - 15 days) of delivery along with pictures of specific damages claimed. All claims for damage are subject to the specific trucking company’s rules as set forth in their Bill of Lading and/or Tariff.
  19. Rate quoted is held for 10 days and subject to change without notice.
  20. Following are some of the things that the carrier(s) will not be responsible for:
    1. Damage caused by leaking fluids, battery acids, or cooling systems anti- freeze solution; regardless of its source.
    2. Damage caused by industrial fallout, or from acts of God.
    3. Damage which is unable to be detected due to the vehicle’s excessive dirty condition.
    4. Damages occurring while loading and unloading inoperable vehicles due to defective, worn or improperly attached parts.
    5. Damage to any vehicle that cannot be driven on and off the truck under its own power or that lacks good brakes and parking gear.
    6. Service charges to jump start or tow a vehicle on and off the truck.
    7. Damage or loss of loose parts or special equipment (including fragile or protruding accessories, low hanging spoilers, fog lights, bumper guards, window shades, convertible or detachable tops or caps) when not properly secured or stored in advance of pick up by owner/shipper so as to prevent loss. Any part of the vehicle that falls off in transit is the owner’s responsibility; including damages to any and all vehicles involved caused by said occurrence (this includes the leaking of fluids). The owner/shipper is responsible for preparing the vehicle for shipment.
    8. Mechanical functions, exhaust assembly, alignment, frame, suspension, transmission, drive train, rear end, wiring system, window motors, power steering, air bags, brake cable or brake systems, tuning of engine, vehicle computerized systems and alarms and etc. (Anything that is mechanical or electrical) because inspection of these items is not practicable at the time of shipment.
    9. Damage caused by freezing or overheating of cooling system and/or batteries. Protection from freezing and overheating will be furnished by and at the expense of the owner/shipper.
    10. Damage caused by any type and/or resulting from any type of weather conditions (snow, rain, ice, wind, floods, fire, tornadoes, hurricanes, sand storms, etc.).
    11. Costs or expenses, , including towing or repair charges, resulting from the malfunction of the vehicle.
    12. Damage to antennas.
    13. Loss or damage to any radio equipment, tape playing/ recording radio, CB radio, cellular phone, or other sound reproducing or transmitting / receiving equipment.
    14. Articles left in the vehicle. Carrier(s) are licensed to carry household goods or personal items. Any costs, damages, sit time, or citations issued to Carrier(s) due to or caused by excess weight of personal items in the vehicle(s) will be the sole responsibility of the owner/shipper.
    15. Damage to the interior or to the exterior of the vehicle(s) due to the loading of personal items.
    16. Auto rentals will not be honored for reasons including but not limited to, delays, damage or accidents.
  21. This agreement shall be construed according to the laws of the State of Florida. All parties agree that venue of any and all claims or controversies arising from or relating to this Agreement or the performance or breach thereof shall be exclusively laid and limited to the state court of Marion County, State of Florida as will any subrogation, litigation, or legal action against Auto Haul.
  22. In the event any party institutes legal proceedings to enforce their respective rights arising out of this agreement, the prevailing party shall be entitled to the award of attorney’s fees and court costs, plus costs of executing, enforcing and/or collecting any judgment at all trial and appellate levels.
  23. If any provision in this Agreement shall be determined to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, such provision shall not effect any other provision hereof, and this Agreement shall be constructed as if such invalid, illegal or unenforceable provision had never been contained herein.

Revised 11/6/15

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